5 Simple Things that Every Good Livestream Needs

The best streamers are great at multitasking. But, keeping up with the basics can be difficult while juggling everything from moderating the chat to creating a content agenda for each stream. We’ve compiled a checklist of 5 essential practices that can be applied to every livestream to help the broadcaster ensure that they’re providing the best viewing-experience possible.

  1. Good A/V Equipment, Fast Internet for Clear Picture

    It all starts with a high quality viewing experience. You can’t expect an audience to stick around for grainy video and scratchy audio. When a viewer comes to your stream, it needs to instantly capture them. It could be the content, an awesome on-screen overlay, or the sound of infectious laughter. Any of these things (and a ton more) could be the difference between a bounce and a devoted viewer for the future. But the viewer won’t discover any of them if you don’t incentivize them to stay with high quality video.

  2. Consistency and Persistency

    After putting your time and energy into a successful stream, it’s easy to become discouraged. Don’t! Be consistent and persistent. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor were any audiences. It will take time for viewers to identify with you as a broadcaster, but having a reliable schedule is crucial to audience retention. Make sure to create and distribute a weekly schedule to your followers and stick to it. Are you running a one-time event? Make sure it starts on time! If a viewer comes to your channel at the specified time and you’re not live, who’s to say they’ll come back at all?


  3. Chat/Viewer Engagement

    An audience of 100 dedicated followers is better than an audience of 1000 casual viewers. One of the easiest ways to build that group of dedicated followers is engaging with the people in your chat. People like to be noticed and have their questions answered, it makes them feel special. And your audience is special! These people are taking time out of their days to give you their attention, two things they can never get back. So take them seriously, because the obviously take you seriously.


  4. Channels for the Audience to Connect with You

    This could serve as part two for #3, but it’s important enough to have it’s own section. Viewers love things like shoutouts and seeing their name on-screen, but the chance to connect with you personally is much more valuable. Streamers with the most engaged audiences connect with their followers outside of the stream. Using social media tools such as Snapchat and Instagram can demystify you in the eyes of the viewer. Similarly, external communication platforms like Discord can be useful for helping your community get to know each other. By personalizing yourself and encouraging your audience to build relationships with each other, you will have created a lively community based around your stream.


  5. Last but not least; Content.

    The most important thing related to producing a successful stream is creating quality content that people want to see. You may be the best entertainer in the world. But, if your content doesn’t resonate, your audience will never grow reliably. Start by identifying a few topics you enjoy covering, then adjust your content production to match audience engagement. If you notice more chat engagement when covering video games than when you cover politics, plan accordingly moving forward. As your audience grows, they will help decide your content motion with their interest levels. 



While you’ll need to do much more to create a successful, repeatable live streaming motion, these 5 will provide a good start. Once you have these down, you can also look into things like adding scripts, bringing in different characters and exploring topics outside your niche. If you stay persistent, your following will grow.



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