The Walled Garden is Crumbling: Use Third Party Distribution Platforms

The recent discovery that Facebook inflated its impression metric has ad-tech holding its collective breath. FB’s announcement claimed that the mix up had been “fixed and did not impact billing.” Even if this is true, the larger question remains: Can the Walled Gardens of the tech world survive?

Absolutely not.

FB simply cannot remain the Internet’s chief data hoarder while doing just that: hoarding. In its statement, FB claimed that the impression metric had been inflated by up to 80%, raising concerns of inaction about the issue. The answer is simple: FB has no checks and balances since no one validates their metrics. Now, FB has a precarious choice. Either continue down the same path or sacrifice the exclusivity of the data for increased accuracy.

So what does this mean for you, the broadcaster. Is there a platform alternative where you own your data and have the reliable distribution provided by FB Live?


You should use third party distribution platforms to share your live streams. Specifically, use AmpLive, a fully agnostic distribution platform. AmpLive integrates with any OVP–all we need is your stream key.

Albert Thompson, Director of Digital Strategy at Walton Isaacson (and happy AmpLive customer), spoke with Gretchen Gardner on the future of the live stream model. “When the next generation of digital ushers in, it will require new levels of transparency and connectivity where ‘systems’ talk to each other. It will be an ‘open standards’ mantra moving forward, and all digital platforms will have to adopt that to compete.” Although companies like FB insist on the Walled Garden approach, you don’t have to pick a side in the streaming wars. You can continue to produce the same great content and own all the data about your audience. Now, you have all the tools to retarget your audience and ensure that they tune into your next broadcast.

Think it’s too good to be true? Let us run a pilot for you so we can prove it!

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