Why and Where You Should Go Live With Your New Technology

Live streaming tech conferences can be a great way to market new products.

This week, San Francisco has been transformed by Salesforce’s annual mega-conference, Dreamforce.

It’s no secret that things move fast in the tech world. In a climate of constant innovation, industries across the board are evolving at a rate that’s virtually impossible to keep up with. Doctors can’t always spend weeks at out-of-state MedTech summits learning about the newest life-saving tools, and consumers can’t always afford tickets to tech conferences where they can learn and discuss details about the newest smartphone, drone or VR headset. But, sometimes you need to engage with others to maximize your understanding.

Live stream is frequently the best way to get around these financial or geographical barriers while maintaining the cutting edge, community feel of a tech summit. For b2b and b2c events alike, live streaming technology conferences helps keep consumers in the loop, and innovators in the public eye.

For B2C Marketing, Live Stream From a Consumer Tech Show

Major consumer tech companies use trade shows to show off new consumer products. Live shows allow passionate speakers to talk about how and why their products provide value. Live streaming such speeches to the general public can be a great opportunity to let more industry leaders know what you’re working on while also getting potential customers excited.

The most well-known of these events is the Consumer Technology Association’s Consumer Electronics Show. Each year experts from around the world in industries from vehicle tech to smart kitchen appliances gather with others in the industry. CES provides spaces for inventors to share their ideas, established companies to launch their products, and industry professionals to get the inside scoop. 

In the past, companies like Casio and Sony have live streamed from CES in order to amplify their message.

For B2B, Get More Specific …

Different industries all have slightly different cultures and styles, and to reach your target audience, it can be helpful to live stream from an industry-specific tech conference, or from your own company training or expo.

Conferences allow innovators to share their ideas with colleagues. By focusing on specific professional sectors, tech conferences help move industries forward by presenting new technology and procedures to facilitate more efficient, simplified, or creative solutions to common problems.

Major industry-specific tech conferences include:

MedTech: MedTech Showcase (SF), MD&M West (Anaheim), HIMSS (Orlando)

EdTech: TCEA (Austin), BrainStorm (Wisconsin Dells), SITE (DC)

Business Tech: MarTech (Boston, San Jose), CRM Evolution (DC), Dreamforce (SF)

Live Media Tech: Summit Live (SF/LA/NY/LV), NAB Show (LV)

Company-specific trainings are also a great way for companies to share new products and train people to use them. For example, Autodesk puts on dedicated Autodesk University events to help designers and engineers collaborate on their work using Autodesk 3D modeling tools. The events allow users to network while learning more about their products. 


Each year, there are conferences and trade shows all over the world. If you need to garner attention for your product, show your value, or share your ideas on topics as specific as Android apps, or as broad as “innovation,” harness the power of live stream to scale your audience and project your message.