Looking for advice and news from experts in live streaming, content marketing, and social media? Go find them in their natural habitat! Twitter is a great place to find a constant stream of up-to-date content on live streaming and marketing. Here are a few accounts we use to stay on top of all things live stream:

1. Ross Brand (@iRossBrand) and Livestream Universe (@livestreamuni)

Ross Brand interviews and introduces leaders and stars in the live streaming space. Check out @livestreamuni to access live streaming news, info on platforms and tools, and discussions about live content marketing strategy.

2. LiveStream Handbook (@LiveStreamBook)

Official twitter account for BBC broadcaster Peter Stewart’s book on live streaming. Posts are usually related to news and tips on live streaming best practices (and updates on the status of the book).

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3. Ross & Nez (@rossandnez)

Ross Brand teams up with business consultant and live stream expert Professor Nez to host live shows on live streaming, social media, and business. They have a podcast as well.

4. Jonathan Tripp (@jonathantripp) and #LetsLiveStream (@letslivestream)

#LetsLiveStream features Q&As about the role of live streaming in marketing and business. Jonathan’s feed is full of interesting conversations about the more theoretical/business questions that go along with live streaming.

5. Livestream (@livestream)

Check out Livestream’s hashtag #livestreamlearn for software demos and lessons on how different industries are using live streaming. Past interviews have focused on sports, design, music, and education, among other things.

6. The Livestream Expert (@kerryshearer)

This account features lots of info about live stream gear plus exclusive deals on things like smartphone mic mixers, handheld camera stabilizers, miniature lights, and cameras.

7. #SummitLive (@summitlive)

Summit Live is the premier live streaming media conference in America. They post regularly on news and events related to live streaming and content marketing.

8. JennyQ (@JennyQ)

Jenny Q’s twitter feed is full of interviews with experts in business, content marketing, and social media strategy. Check out Jenny Q’s feed to get a curated list of experts, and learn more about the practical and strategic sides of live streaming for business (and pleasure).

9. Kathy Klotz-Guest (@kathyklotzguest)

Kathy Klotz-Guest is an entrepreneur and author of Stop Boring Me, a book about crafting successful content marketing strategies through improv and storytelling. Check out her account to learn fun and valuable lessons about content strategy.

10. …aaaaand … AmpLive! (@ampliveinc)

Check out our twitter feed to get regular updates on our blog and other news about live streaming and content marketing. We write and post about how different industries are using live streaming to promote their businesses, and provide tips for how you can incorporate live streaming into your own marketing strategy.