In a technologically globalized world, it’s becoming more and more important to synchronize marketing messaging and marketing standards collaboratively. Advertising Week is trying to help this process through a global network of events for thought leaders in the advertising and marketing space. Now, fortunately, this effort can be expanded and amplified online.

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AmpLive is an audience development and targeting platform for enterprise marketers using live video. Born out of the online video platform UStream (which would later become IBM’s live streaming service), AmpLive founders recognized the value of widespread live content distribution. Now, the platform distributes live content across a network of high-traffic publishers at scale to reach a targeted audience.

With the power of AmpLive’s extensive audience network, Advertising Week is able to reinforce and expand their community by opening up their regional events to everyone via live stream technology. Marketers from San Francisco to Shanghai can now discover and attend seminars and workshops in Mexico City, and stay up-to-date in an ever-evolving global advertising landscape. Over the course of the year, AmpLive will officially be partnering with Advertising Week to lift the voices of innovative marketers in Europe, Asia, Australia, across the Pacific, and back to the United States.

To discuss the impact of live streaming on the advertising and marketing industries, AmpLive’s CEO Eddie Vaca will be speaking on a panel on live streaming at this month’s Advertising Week LATAM event.

About the Partners

AmpLive is a live stream distribution, audience development, and targeting tool. With the help of a massive, evolving pool of data, AmpLive’s platform provides audience tracking capabilities to segment audiences and adjust distribution in real-time to ensure engagement and conversion potential. After the event, marketers can use AmpLive to retarget audiences based on engagement, action, company, demographic, or characteristic. AmpLive allows marketers to get strategic about live content and maximize ROI on live events.

Advertising Week is a global network of annual events focused on creating a conversation about current trends in advertising, marketing, and tech. Several times a year, innovators and experts in marketing and advertising gather across the globe to give keynotes, participate in panels, provide demonstrations, and discuss case studies in order to help educate their peers and further the communication industry. February 12-15 will mark the first Advertising Week of 2018, and also the inaugural Advertising Week Latin America, which will take place in Mexico City and will focus on advertising trends throughout Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

Fortune 500  companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Facebook have proven that live video content can spike ROI and overall engagement. The unparalleled success of this engagement has secured the future of live stream-based marketing.

The Challenge

Despite its value, few marketers are currently incorporating marketing solutions into their live strategies, and there’s little industry consensus on best practices. AmpLive has made its mission to facilitate conversations and foster learning among marketers working with or considering the live video medium. That is why we’ve decided to acquire and grow SummitLive.

What is SummitLive?

SummitLive was founded in 2015 as the premier live content conference in the country. As of 2018, AmpLive is hosting innovative marketers at SummitLive to learn and share the role live streaming plays in marketing and enterprise business. Eddie Vaca, CEO of AmpLive, stated: “Through our work with enterprise clients, we know the value and results of live stream in enterprise solutions, so we’re really excited to help lead the way for others in the industry.”

Summit is also proud to announce its major expansion to San Francisco, New York, and Las Vegas in addition to the premier Los Angeles event. Summit is now establishing a new standard for the live ecosystem by featuring the trailblazers and integral technologies of live.

The Founder of SummitLive, Ryan Bell, reaffirmed: “SummitLive has grown. As major brands began to show up, we began to feel the need to grow into something more professional. Our partnership with AmpLive puts us at the center for companies to connect, find tools and learn best practices in live broadcasting. I’m extremely excited for the future.”

The event will showcase the industry’s latest trends, solutions, keynotes, panels, breakthrough case studies, hands-on workshops, and vital networking opportunities. SummitLive will inevitably define not just the way the live industry is run, but the entire media landscape. To maximize audience engagement and impact, the entire conference will be live streamed for public viewership!


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We’re also now accepting speaker applications for San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. Please contact for speaker, sponsorship, and partnership opportunities.


AmpLive is an audience development and targeting platform for enterprise marketers using live video. With the help of a massive (and growing) pool of data, AmpLive distributes live content across a network of high-traffic publishers at scale to reach a targeted audience.

SummitLive is the premier live content event held across the nation. Top business executives and professionals are gathering from around the world to learn, share, and collaborate. SummitLive is redefining and reinforcing the new standard for live, by establishing an interactive, meaningful, and results-driven dialogue from start to finish.