Let’s be real. We know businesses, marketers, and professionals are quickly discovering the urgency in integrating live video content into their marketing strategies. While the past few years have provided a much-needed wake-up call, for people who aren’t immersed in the community, it’s tough to know where to begin.

And that’s where conferences come in. I know there are tons of events that feature live content and media in some way, but our team put together this list of some of our personal favorite live streaming conferences.

1. NAB Show (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Nab Show is a massive annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters, and despite its name, is no longer just about traditional broadcasting. The show now exists in the intersection of media, entertainment, and technology, featuring everything from radio hosts to live event broadcasting. Their live events portion definitely skews more towards technologies for the entertainment industry, and is a great place to go to learn about what kind of tech is available for your broadcasting needs.


2. Vidcon (Anaheim, California)

Vidcon is another large-scale conference dedicated to video. It was originally created by two of the most famous YouTubers, Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers. As you might be able to tell already, it’s highly entertainment-focused and definitely aimed more towards mainstream content creation. If you’re an influencer that uses video, I highly recommend checking out Vidcon. While they feature a pretty broad spectrum of platforms and media, you can find major live brands like Periscope and Facebook Live as well.


3. SummitLive (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas)

SummitLive is the only series of shows dedicated purely to live content. Each of their four events has a different industry focus. The San Francisco event on May 30th is dedicated to B2B marketers and enterprise tech (featuring companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Amazon), the LA event is for the entertainment industry, the New York event is for media and agencies, and the Vegas event is the “Best in Live” awards event. Each event has breakthrough keynotes, panels, workshops, speakers, solutions, and product demos in their respective industries. If you want to learn best practices in live streaming and live content, and monetization is a goal of yours, SummitLive is the conference for you. (Seriously.)


4. Streaming Media East & West (Huntington Beach, CA and New York, NY)

Streaming Media East in New York and Streaming Media West in Huntington Beach are all about the business tech of digital media. I highly recommend them to people who are interested in being technically immersed in the video space. If you know your tech and want to find new solutions, plugins, and best practices in IT, infrastructure, product, and engineering, the Streaming Media events are definitely worth checking out. They’re great for learning more about live streaming OTT, encoding, transcoding, content delivery solutions, and full of B2B tech sessions.


5. The IBC Show (Rai, Amsterdam)

The IBC Show, or IBC365, was initially a major enterprise media, entertainment, and tech conference and exhibition that eventually evolved into a community. It’s similar to Streaming Media East and West in that it’s highly technical and primarily B2B, but is more diverse in what is covered. They have everything from AI hardware to metadata in content management and live stream almost the entire event. While it’s definitely not an entry-level show, the sheer amount of information and technical papers they share online are definitely worth checking out.


interactive live conference sxsw

6. SXSW Interactive Festival (Austin, TX)

If you know entertainment and media festivals, you know South by Southwest. Lesser known, though, is their Interactive Festival that is a hands-on-learning dream. The festival takes place in the evening and is heavy on the partying. Like Summit Live Las Vegas, has major award ceremonies throughout, like the Accelerator Awards and Interactive Innovation Awards. If you get the chance to grab one of their badges, their digital interactive section for content creation and entertainment is great and features quite a bit of live.