For the past year, the AmpLive team has been hard at work collecting feedback, re-imagining and building a new platform with exciting features and insights that help marketers make better decisions for live events. With AmpLive’s new platform, we’ve focused on making it easy for users to boost live content on their own with a more intuitive interface and self-service options. Expect more control over the distribution of your boosted content.

We built the platform from the ground up for and by marketers. It’s faster and easier to use than ever before. Promote an event in just minutes with our completely redesigned boost flow. One click changes to events. Break timing into multiple segments to drive more traffic towards key moments in your broadcast. No PhD necessary.

Drive Conversion with Actionable Audience Insights 

You may have experienced email list fatigue or your attendance rate is dropping. Now with the AmpLive Pixel, you can engage your core audience and bring them back to your live event so that they can hear your message. And, when you log into AmpLive, you can expect to see rich, real-time audience insights that will provide you with a deep, more actionable understanding of viewers and of your event. We’ve expanded the platform to focus on the 3 core parts of setting up your distribution strategy for live video. 

Target Over 30 Million Professionals by Company and Job Title

We have also optimized and have created a stronger distribution network so that we can continue to drive millions of engaged viewers to your live event. We are introducing Account Based Distribution so that you can target those companies with your live events and expand your reach to a targeted audience. Currently, we’ve identified over 8,000 companies and 22 job titles across over 100 industries so you can fine tune your distribution to over 30M professionals. Lastly, we added major improvements to our audience retargeting technology.

More importantly, we have made every segment, job title, company, engagement rate, and characteristic actionable. With this update, you can control every aspect of communication with those folks that tuned-in to your event through our retargeting tools.

Access On The Go

Also, to help you get answers quickly, we’ve launched a companion mobile app to the AmpLive platform for real-time analytics wherever you are.


We would like to invite you to be one of the first to learn more about our powerful new tools and request a demo before we go live in February.


These improvements are just the beginning. We’re excited about our 2018 roadmap with more core features to help you connect with a qualified audience. Check out the new platform and let us know if you have any feedback or product features you would like to see next.  Grab a demo slot and let’s talk.