AmpLive Boosts Live Stream Viewership 30% for Major League Soccer Kick-off Game wanted to drive a larger audience for their stream of a top-tier game between Major League Soccer favorites, the Seattle Sounders and the Atlanta United. Will Jamieson, CEO of, knew both teams have a strong fan base. But his goal was to expand viewership for the MLS livestream beyond the home markets and get the content in front of soccer fans who may not have been aware of the match-up

When it came to campaign goals, the simply wanted to drive the largest audience possible. Not only was Jamieson impressed with the size of the audience, he was especially pleased with the attention viewers spent on the broadcast. “We wanted the biggest viewership numbers possible,” Jamieson said. We knew that Atlanta and Seattle would all drive in a large crowd because of their organic fan bases.”

During the match, recored more than 27,000 viewers on the game. 10,500 of which were from Atlanta United fans, 8,800 from AmpLive distribution and 7,700 from Seattle Sounders fans.

“Our view time from AmpLive distribution over 2 minutes, which is ridiculous for paid traffic, and 4 minutes for the organic traffic,” Jamieson said. “We’ll be using this performance to go out looking for higher sponsorship rates.”


The challenge of this campaign was building viewership outside of the dedicated fanbases. As it was the beginning of the season, public awareness wasn’t as high as it will be later on. Of the viewers delivered, 96% were net net. This proves, beyond doubt, that there is a market for people to discover live sports content delivered online.

In terms of performance, it was the most-viewed broadcast of a single sporting event in’s short history. Jamieson broke down just how big of an increase he saw during the game, “We saw awesome performance all around. This was, by far, the biggest broadcast of a single game ever (on…Typically for a soccer game in the regular season you see 2,000 live viewers, not 10,000. That’s a ridiculous increase.”