3 Questions to Ask Before Livestreaming for Businesses

It should be easy to simplify livestreaming, right? After all, as an individual, it’s easier than ever to livestream a quick update to your followers on Facebook Live or YouTube Live. But for companies looking to drive demand from their livestreams, this new medium can be hard to sort out. We’ve tried to clear away the complexity and boil it down to three main questions in our latest lumascape below.

Marketers just getting started in livestreaming certainly don’t need to invest in all the technology in this lumascape, but companies like Salesforce and Microsoft that are setting the bar for live streaming have built out their tech stack to maximize results.

 1. How do I get my livestream started?

Mobile apps like Facebook Live and Periscope have taken off recently because they allow individuals to go live with one click. But that approach may not work for all companies. Live streaming a large event requires hardware and software to capture and encode the content. For example, think about the equipment required to broadcast live sports or a concert. Once captured, a content delivery network digests these large chunks of information and optimizes them for delivery to any device connected to the internet.

2. Where will I store my livestream?

Most marketers store their live broadcasts in a free online video platform like YouTube. Paid options like Brightcove and Ooyala offer more features that enterprises value. Your content may also live in a mobile video platform like Facebook or Periscope, depending on how you captured it.

3. How will I get viewers to my live event?

Getting people to see your content is the most important aspect of live streaming. Let’s simplify livestreaming. Share your live stream with your email list and your social followers. Continue to boost views beyond people you already know. Syndication and distribution is crucial for your live stream. It works for your blogs, white papers, webinars and videos because it exposes your content to new audiences. Learn more about boosting live viewership by checking out AmpLive.

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Simplify livestreaming

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