Relationships First Increases Viewers by 8x


Relationships First is a non-profit organization centered around the betterment of society through improving personal relationships. Their flagship event, “Safe Conversations 360,” is a “full-day workshop for adults, kids and teens, that teaches relational competency in a whole new way.”

In 2016, Relationships First drove a total of 15,000 viewers, but had no information about their audience to retarget from. Their overall goal was to maintain the original audience number of 15,000, but to also make sure that all 15,000 were engaged viewers. In addition, Relationship First wanted to ensure the gathering of all pertinent information about the audience.


The organization is based in Dallas, TX, and so Relationships First wanted half of their budget spent in the Dallas, TX metro area. In addition to the geo-targeting, the campaign targeted married women over the age of 28. Delivering a campaign in full with client preferences such as these can sometimes prove challenging. But in the end, all parties were extremely pleased with the campaign’s final results.


“Safe Conversations 360” aired on Feb. 11, 2017, and with major success. Relationships First was able to drive 131,154 viewers on day 1, far exceeding their hopes of 15,000 live engaged viewers. Of the 131,154 viewers, 49,471 were fully engaged. From those engaged viewers Relationships First was able to drive 334 clicks to their landing page, garnering a very high engagement rate of 37.72%.