Pursuing Excellence in B2B Marketing

It’s 2018 and investments in B2B marketing continue to rapidly increase, both nationally and globally. Given the high investments and rapid transformations in the tech space, from PII and the Zuckerberg testimony regarding data usage to general social media and platform turbulence, it can be hard to stay up to date, nonetheless stay ahead of the curve. But that’s what we’re here for. We’re going to give you a few reminders, and also tips so you can continue pursuing excellence exemplified through your marketing stack.

  1. Understand and Adapt to Your Audience

It’s no longer enough to “know” your audience, first and foremost, you need to understand them. “Knowing” your audience doesn’t allow for constant calibration of who they are and more importantly, what they do. As the tech and marketing space constantly evolve and shift, you need to change how and where you target your audience accordingly.

For example, as Twitter allows for more live streaming directly on their platform, platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live are taking a major hit. This may mean, depending on your audience, you consider hosting more live video content or add more paid ads spend to Twitter.

  1. Always Collect and Reuse Data

Any time you spend money, time, and effort marketing, always collect and retarget that data. Collecting data is vital, it can be done via gated content, contact forms, and pixeling landing pages. When pixeling, it’s always recommended to place individual image pixels on each landing page (from home to checkout) or at least universal pixels that have individual attribution.

After getting this information, always retarget. Integrate as many platforms as you can with pixels (Google Analytics, your CRM, etc.) to easily track and retarget your audiences. It takes 7 touches before someone engages, so if you aren’t retargeting (and updating content accordingly), you’re leaking data and leads.

  1. Audit Your Data Collection Processes

Following the previous tip and as I mentioned, after Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony, GDPR, and a rapidly changing data collection space, you need to confirm where your company stands in all of this. For instance, Google Analytics has recently updated their data retention options and if you haven’t already, should update your GA controls ASAP. Facebook Ads and even email marketing channels seem to be changing on a daily basis as well, so it’s vital to check over compliances and settings, and make sure you’re up to date.

  1. Build a Robust Marketing Stack

As evidenced by this frantic PII and data collection news, it’s not enough to simply use one channel for marketing. In addition to the different marketing channels like SEM, email, socials, etc., you need to be using different media as well.

We always want to reiterate, if you aren’t already, live video needs to be a part of your marketing stack. Not only does it boast the highest engagement rate of all platforms, it increases brand favorability by 63%. You can also learn more at SummitLive, the premier B2B live event, to hear from top companies like Salesforce, Eventbrite, and Microsoft how they build their marketing stacks.

  1. Always Collaborate

This is how companies organically make a stake for themselves in their respective industries. Especially in a space like live, there is a collaborative collective community. Sometimes it can be hard to stay updated, so outside of attending industry events, joining these communities online and providing mutual support can be a great way to learn. Top quality content is meant to be shared, and partnerships are a great source for such content.