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Prices are calculated based on desired account type and audience size.

Step 1: Select Account Type

Features Free?Amp Live Free provides the access to the platform, audience and publisher network for $0.15/view credit.Pro (Most Popular)?Amp Live Pro comes with the service that cost $2500/year, plus $0.10/view credit.
Platform & Dashboard Access?Manage boosted events and view your segmented audience stats in real-time on the AmpLive platform.
Onboarding & Help Docs?To set you up for success, AmpLive's team will help you set up boosts and make sure you understand how to use the platform.
Retargeting Access?After your live event ends, we'll help you follow up with your audience through retargeting. Segment your target audience based on engagement, interest, company, location, or action taken during the live stream.
Tracking Pixels?We'll provide you with a code so you can drop the AmpLive Pixel onto your web pages to capture your organic audience before your live stream begins.
Event Monitoring?Our media operations team will monitor your live stream during the event so you don't have to.
Account Based Distribution?We'll distribute your live stream to ensure it's seen by audiences within specific industries, companies, and/or job titles.
Audience Analysis & Retargeting Strategy
OVP Integration Support?AmpLive integrates with all major OVPs. Plug in your channel ID and we will do the rest.
Custom Setup & Reporting
Phone Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
DMP Integration?AmpLive integrates with your data management platform so you can discover and understand your audience.

Step 2: Select your audience size

*for over 250,000 credits, contact us.

An Audience of 100K costs with AmpLive Self-Service

Total Costs: + =

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