Periscope’s Second Push

On May 9th, 2016, Periscope’s second push included a wave of new features that are almost certainly meant to help them compete with streaming-giant FB Live. The new features include permanent availability of past broadcasts (currently they delete after 24 hours) and a search bar to help navigate your favorite channels. Last but not least, Periscope will partner with DJI to create drones which stream high-quality live video.

Availability of Past Broadcasts

FB Live is the go-to destination for most broadcasters and celebrities, mainly due to its accessibility and familiarity. The simple fact that everyone has a Facebook account lends itself to both of those points. However, Periscope is trying to change that with each new update it releases. Currently, past broadcasts on Periscope expire after 24 hours. This may create an air of urgency that pushing users to tune-in while broadcasters are live. But if you weren’t able to tune-in live, the expiration makes it almost impossible to watch your favorite broadcasters at a later date.

Search Bar

The most interesting new feature may be the search bar. Broadcasters will be able to organize their videos into groups such as food, travel or art. This is a feature that FB Live is still lacking. When someone goes live, you get a push notification. But after the FB broadcast has ended, it can be very difficult to find again. If the tool works as it should, this may push Periscope’s platform toward the same ease-of-use associated with FB Live.

Whether or not Periscope can continue it’s success under the Twitter banner remains to be seen. Although it will be hard to keep on their current trajectory, having a corporate machine like theirs behind you certainly does not hurt. If they want to compete with the FB and YouTube Lives of the world, they will have to keep innovating on a major scale. See how Periscope stacks up against FB Live here. We’re eager to watch the evolution of companies like Periscope as live video constantly evolves with them.