AmpLive Drives 340,000 Views for New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week (presented by Lexus) is one of the most prestigious fashion shows in the world. During their first year as presenting sponsor, Lexus wanted to make sure to get exposure and engagement from a large audience, especially millennials. Walton Issacson (In partnership with Lexus) wanted to ensure a large digital audience in order to justify their investment.


In 2016, the winter leg of NYFW faced a problem that very few do not run into: How to maximize exposure and ROI with such a short broadcast.

Albert Thompson, Digital Strategist at Walton Issacson, reached out to AmpLive. His goal was to craft an actionable distribution strategy for the short, 14 minute broadcast of NYFW Brand Opening Ceremony. While the content is clearly high-value and sought after, distributing the broadcast to a large number of people in a short period of time would prove to be challenging.


The campaign was a resounding success for all parties involved. Thompson, expecting a few thousand viewers, was ecstatic upon finding out that the viewer count was actually 341,644 with an average view time of 4 minutes and 43 seconds.

“I’ve been a fan of live streaming so much, I can’t believe all businesses aren’t building their entire strategies around it. Platforms like Periscope will get you 300 views versus 300,000 on AmpLive. “

-Albert Thompson, Digital Strategist, Walton Issacson

While the view count was impressive, we don’t want to forget about engagement. What is a viewers’ worth if they don’t engage with your content? Thompson also revered the CTR, which was nearly quadruple the industry standard at .15% (821 total clicks).