Maximizing ROI with Live Video

Enterprise business’s adoption of live video is on the brink of something big. The rapid growth and increased use of platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live is proof. Suddenly, everyone from brands to enterprise software companies is a content creator. Furthermore, live video is becoming a popular medium for these companies since it both highly engages viewers and effectively drives measurable ROI. This successful strategy not only increases awareness and brand lift but actually converts viewers into customers! Here are some tips for maximizing ROI with live video:

Create a dedicated landing page with event registration, and don’t forget to drop a conversion pixel on it!

Creating a home for your live broadcast is just as important as choosing an OVP or formulating a run-of-show. The landing page should be a central location for pre-event registration, viewing the live stream and summarizing the event afterwards. Adding a conversion pixel to this page helps you turn prospects into customers by understanding how well the landing page content drives conversions. We recommend giving people the opportunity to sign up for updates so they don’t miss your next broadcast.

Leverage existing audience and content marketing materials to promote upcoming events

Tap into existing marketing and advertising channels to drive as much pre-registration to the event landing page as possible. Social media, email marketing and other content marketing channels should all be used to get the word out to an audience that is already actively interested and engaged with your brand.

Don’t forget about distribution to extend reach

Once the event gets started and you’ve done all you can to get the word out, you may want to explore different distribution methods to get your live content in front of the right people at the right time. There are different solutions to do this. Video seeders and cost-per-view platforms are one option, but you may also want to explore a platform that specializes in live content distribution. AmpLive is one such platform with a global reach that is designed to drive audiences at scale during live events.

Measure audience attention

So you know 10,000 people tuned in to your live broadcast. Do you know where they came from? How about what point during the live broadcast captured their attention the most? Do you know if they’re a business decision maker researching marketing solutions or a consumer looking to make a purchase decision? Answering these questions is essential for successfully maximizing ROI with live video. You can leverage AmpLive to streamline the distribution/data collection process. Then, AmpLive helps you segment the audiences that tuned in to a live event based on their level of engagement.

Analyze conversions

After the event concludes, the real work of the marketer begins. Now, gather all your viewer and campaign data, segment audiences for future events, and check conversions. Identify which promotional channel had the highest ROI and build on it for future events. Which brings us to the next point…


Live broadcasts are better with an audience and building an audience requires some sort of event schedule. One live event is not enough to drive maximum value. Platforms like AmpLive are specifically designed to build an engaged, retargetable audience pool. Continue to leverage this pool as you start to make better content decisions. Ultimately, this will drive down the cost of your viewers and conversions.


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