Martha Stewart Drives Holiday Sales with Live Streams

Leading up to the 2015 holiday season, Home Depot was looking to diversify their audience. The nation’s biggest Big Box retailer decided on a partnership with Martha Stewart as she was striving to drive a substantial increase in holiday sales. The partnership resulted in a marriage of the two brands, with Martha Stewart presenting a new line (Martha Stewart Living Collection) of products under the Home Depot banner using live video.

Shortly before Christmas, in an effort to appeal to the affluent DIYer audience, Home Depot sponsored a live video workshop online hosted by Martha Stewart. By utilizing her brand power, Home Depot was able to provide themselves a brand lift of their own. While breaking live video records for audience views, and driving above industry standard engagement and CTR, Home Depot and Martha Stewart used live video to capture and drive retail sales for the holidays.

Results by the numbers

The campaign drove a click-through-rate over 3x industry standard and far exceeded Home Depot’s expectations. The live stream recorded more than 1.5 million video views with 233,867 people engaging directly with the video. That engagement rate of 15% is a strong performance for a brand’s video content.

Each viewer spent an average of 5 minutes watching the content, and 1,507 clicked through on the video stream to see more information.