Looking for Your Target Live Stream Audience? Ask These 5 Questions Before You Stream

Before launching any marketing campaign, it’s important to know who and where your target audience is.

All good marketers know that it’s vital to know your target audience before launching any campaign.

You want your blog to reach as many members of your target audience as possible. Why wouldn’t the same be true for your live streaming content?

When writing, you need to find out who your audience is, what they like, where they are, what language they speak, and which questions they’re typing in when they search for things online. Now, in the context of live stream, you need to add a new question: Where is my audience?


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To find your ideal viewers online, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

Question 1: What are the general characteristics of my target live stream audience? How old are they? What country are they from?

The age of your target audience will help you figure out which types of online resources they’re using. When you’re looking at an audience in their twenties or thirties, you may want to put more effort into gaining visibility on a website like than you would on say,

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This is especially important because people of all ages are getting on Facebook and sharing sites with their similarly-aged friends. This leads to people clustering around sets of websites more and more by demographic (and interest, but we’ll get to that).

I’m sure you can guess the importance of identifying the country of residence among most of your target audience. Location can give you information about culture, language, and local news outlets. For example, if you want to sell chocolate to people in Greece, don’t display an interactive cooking live stream in English on

Question 2: What interests my target viewer? 

The types of sites your target audience is likely to visit are in large part determined by their interests.

For example, if you plan to live stream a concert, you may want to display your video on pop culture sites or entertainment sites. If you’re streaming a webinar on how to use your new customer relationship management tool, you may want to stream to sites that focus on business or tech news.

Your audience will likely have more than one interest, and chances are you’ll want to make yourself visible on multiple sites. If not, other questions will narrow down your audience.

Question 3: How does my target live stream audience prefer to consume media?

Vintage radio image from Vintage Adarama

Image from Vintage Adarama

The internet has made it easy for media formats to expand beyond the traditional long-form written blog post. Personal preferences have led to a divergence in the way people encounter and interact with information.

Today, we can consume media in formats like blog posts, list-form articles (listicles), photo essays, videos, and short-form social media posts (to name a few). 

Look into your target audience’s age and interests to determine which websites they are likely to frequent. What format do the sites use to display content? Your audience probably prefers similar sites.

Question 4: What is my target viewer likely to do for a living?

In addition to their interests, your target live stream audience is likely to frequent sites relevant to their careers.

If you’re streaming information about new web analytics software, websites related to business, tech, marketing, or even social sciences may be good places to target.

It will also be useful to think about where people may go to develop skills related to their careers, or to look for new jobs.



Question 5: What are my audience’s goals?

Before deciding where to distribute your live stream, try to think about what your target audience may want.

For example, are you creating live content for people who want to learn how to expand their technical skills and use your marketing platform? You may want to create a webinar or how-to instructional video and stream it on a business news site, or a site like TechCrunch. Is your target audience made up of people who want to decide on a vacation destination? Live stream a personal story while you travel. Is your target audience made up of people who want to keep up with sports news? Live stream a game or sports commentary to a sports news website.

This question, in particular, should be approached with empathy and creativity. Try to put yourself in their shoes — think: If I were this person, what would I want to accomplish? And what would help me accomplish my goal?


Keep in mind, profiling your target live stream audience can help you determine where to find them online. Once you’ve determined your ideal live streaming location, you’ll still need to use a distribution tool to get there.

In short, if you want to maximize your live stream ROI, it’s important to remember that you have to meet your audience where they’re at, and it’s easier to speak to people when you know them. This is especially true for high stakes marketing content like a live video, where you have to connect with people in real time. Ask yourself these questions before you go on camera and find a way to distribute your video to the right locations, and your live event is far more likely to be a success.