5 Lessons from Driving 200 Million Livestreams – Infographic

Livestream pro tips are hard to come by. Generic lists of advice don’t often contain real data, but AmpLive sits on one of the largest data pools in the world on how live audiences engage with live content. We drove 200 million live streams in 2016, and we are sharing what we learned. For a detailed look at our lessons, please check out the entire piece at the bottom.


5 Top livestream pro tips

1. Raise the bar for audience

AmpLive has more than doubled the industry standard for viewership. By raising the bar, you ensure your viewers are viewing your stream for a longer period of time, indicating that they are more interested in your content. 

2. Targeting is key

First of all, be sure that you’re putting your live content in front of people who are interested in it. Don’t worry about shrinking your pool of viewers, but our data shows the opposite to be true. Precise targeting boosts the attention viewers spend on your content.


3. Platform doesn’t matter

Your audience craves your content and will flock to it if they are able to discover it. Get your story in front of them. Don’t worry about picking just one platform. In addition to putting your live video on your own site, publish it every where your audience spends time, including Facebook and Twitter.

4. Go live for longer

Give people more time to discover your content. Most importantly, you will see up to 3x the engagement on broadcasts that are 30 minutes or longer.

5. Turn viewers into customers

Proper follow-up is the key to driving demand with live. This is the most important of the livestream pro tips shared here. Tailor your follow-up messaging based on how much attention people spent on your content.


Livestream pro tips infographic

Livestream pro tips infographic

This is a summary of the full infographic. Download the full version of the infographic here.  The infographic was crafted as a shorter version of an eBook, “5 Lessons from Driving 200m Livestreams.” In order to view the full eBook, click here.


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