4 Things Everyone Wonders About Live Video Marketing

Marketers everywhere are streaming in higher numbers than ever before. From keynotes to product launches, people are realizing the value of adding a digital audience to their existing audience of physical attendees. Although they want to follow suit and incorporate live video marketing into their business initiatives, many marketers still have questions.

1. How do I generate an audience?

Picking up steam in audience generation can seem like a daunting task, but it can be achieved with very straightforward tactics. Audiences respond to consistency. Make your streaming schedule public and be sure to stay true to it. As a viewer, you’ve allotted time in your day to view and engage with content you find valuable. You want to feel like your time is being respected and valued. Don’t expect someone to wait around for you if you or one of your speakers is late!

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2. How do I keep that audience coming back?

The amount of consumable content on the web is both a gift and a curse. For the audience, a gift. But for the content creators, it can be very much a curse. With so many streams, videos, articles, etc. to view, it can be hard to expect an audience member to come back to you for a second helping. This is why one of the biggest problems in streaming is audience churn. Convincing this audience to return for more content comes down to many things, but among the most important are quality of content and consistency. Make sure you’re always adding value to the conversation, don’t stream just to stream! Whether it be a webinar or fireside chat with an influencer, be sure that your audience will consistently find value.

3. Is the ROI reliable?

Like with many other marketing initiatives, the ROI from live video can vary. Because it’s often an exposure play, sourcing revenue from your live video marketing can prove to be difficult. But there are a few things you can do to stack the odds in your favor.

a. Measure audience attention: So 10,000 people tuned in to your live broadcast. Do you know where they came from? What point during the live broadcast captured their attention the most? Do you know if they’re a business decision maker researching marketing solutions or a consumer looking to make a purchase decision? Answering these questions is essential for successfully maximizing ROI with live video marketing.

b. Analyze conversions: After the event concludes, the real work of the marketer begins. Now, gather all your viewer and campaign data, segment audiences for future events, and check conversions. Identify which promotional channel had the highest ROI and build on it for future events

c. Build and Retarget Your Audience:  One live event is not enough to drive maximum value. Platforms like AmpLive are specifically designed to build an engaged, retargetable audience pool. Continue to leverage this pool as you start to make better content decisions. Ultimately, this will drive down the cost of your viewers and conversions.



4. What is the best thing to stream to my B2B audience?

There are a multiple tried and true forms of content for B2B audiences. At AmpLive we often say “Go to your audience where they already are.” Similarly, stream things your audience already does (i.e. conferences, product launches, etc.).  Assuming you’re targeting strategy was sound, your audience’s interest will be built-in. An interested audiences equals conversions and customers further down your funnel. Below are 4 of the best examples of stream-worthy B2B content:

A. Conferences
B. Product Launches
C. Keynotes
D. Webinars