Frequently Asked Questions About Live Stream Distribution

What is AmpLive? 

AmpLive enables content creators to distribute their live video content to a qualified, targeted audience at massive scale.  Their video is distributed through content formats across an audience network of 150 million viewers. Views are guaranteed, and audience data is reported in real-time.

Who uses AmpLive?

Marketers, Broadcasters and Content Creators who want to generate a guarantee an audience for their livestream, scale that audience and turn viewers into customers rely on AmpLive.

How does AmpLive help you?

Most live streamed events only reach the social networks and/or the website audience of the event.  Oftentimes, the result is a small number of viewers, which might not justify cost, time or effort of production. AmpLive enables content creators to reach 100x, 500x or 1000x the viewers they can through their earned and owned channels.  

How does AmpLive guarantee a live audience?

AmpLive places contextually relevant content in premium formats across our network of premium publishers of more than 3000 sites. The live video plays in its entirety in real-time in these placements allowing viewers to discover and engage with the live event as it’s happening. Here’s an example of how a Content Format would look on the New York Times. 

What is a considered a view?

A view is defined as 5 seconds of view time with the content 100% in-view. This is twice the industry average which sets a high bar for quality viewership and ensures your audiences are actionable. Facebook counts a view at 3 seconds, 100% in-view.

How do I find my exact target audience?

AmpLive can target their audience by geography, demographics, behavior or interest categories, such as sports, news, and entertainment. These criteria determine where your live content is distributed. Sample sites include Wall Street Journal, New York Times, TechCrunch and  

How does AmpLive work with OVPs?

AmpLive integrates with all major OVPs, including YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, Facebook Live, Livestream, Ustream, StreamUp, Brightcove, Ooyala, and Kaltura. Plug in your channel ID and we will do the rest!

How do I activate my audience?

AmpLive captures data from your live event that helps frame your follow-up messaging to further engage and convert viewers. Turn live viewers into customers with Attention Retargeting, and drive prospects further down your marketing funnel to increase conversion rates.

How do I get started? 

To learn more about creating net new audiences for your live event, send us a note, or email