Learning Live: 4 Ways Live Stream Distribution Can Improve ROI for Your Live Event

ROI is a tricky thing to secure. With so much content surrounding us all day, it can be hard to stay top-of-mind for your target audience. While marketers are always trying new and improved content strategies, one thing that is working especially well is live stream distribution. Whether you’re suffering from list fatigue, pre-registration fall-off or your list simply isn’t converting anymore, distribution can help solve the problem.


1. Amplify Your Brand and Message

It’s safe to say that people attending your event already know you exist. Whether your event is in-person or virtual, live streaming provides a valuable opportunity to leverage the scale of the internet to reach and engage new audiences. According to Animoto, four times as many customers prefer watching branded video to reading articles about products, and we know that online viewers watch live content for longer than pre-recorded video. What better way to boost engagement and build community around your brand than with video content that people will actually spend time watching?

2. Boost Ticket Sales for Next Year’s Event

Almost 50% of shoppers look to online videos before they make buying decisions. This is especially true for experiential offers like live events. According to a reader’s survey in New York Magazine, 67% of respondents reported that they would be more likely to buy a ticket to an event if they’d seen a live video of the experience. Today’s consumers want to be educated and informed before they make choices, and the easiest way to give them information about what it’s like to be at your event is to show them.

3. Increase Value for Sponsorship Packages

Sponsoring live events is a great way to get the right eyes on your brand. Live streaming increases the reachable audience for your sponsors, and distributing that live stream to targeted audiences multiplies it and refines it even more. Chances are, your sponsors already know this, so offering a live stream distribution element to your sponsorship packages will be a valuable addition.

Advertising Week, for example, offers its speakers the option to add on distributed live streaming to amplify their message beyond the physical Advertising Week audience. Since 2017, the Advertising Week organizers have used distributed live stream to attract millions of viewers for their speakers and sponsors, making them a very attractive destination for big brands to gain visibility.

4. Capture New Leads

List fatigue is a common problem for many marketers. Readers engage less over time for any number of reasons. Maybe your content isn’t for them, or they could have signed up at a time when they needed your service, only to unsubscribe a few weeks or months later. Distributing your live stream to a new, targeted audience can be a great way to buff your email with list with new leads to compensate for the fatigued/lost readers. You may be asking yourself; “How does a viewer turn into a known contact?” Great question! The answer is with a tracking pixel.

Tracking pixels are tiny, invisible 1x1px images contained in snippets of code that can be added to your webpages to measure your organic traffic, track the behavior of your site visitors, and assess the overall health of your marketing campaigns. They are used by most major platforms that have marketing tools. Facebook and LinkedIn offer pixels to marketers and recruiters to keep track of their ad campaigns, for example. By placing these pixels on the video player that houses your livestream, you can now begin retargeting your audience with events in the future to drive the new leads further down your sales funnel.