HP/Walmart drive holiday sales with live

HP and Walmart, an innovator in computer hardware and components and the largest consumer products distributor in the world respectively, were looking for new ways to engage and sell to viewers via the web. Trying to break the traditional QVC and home shopping network models; they looked to have the audience participate, ask questions, and be able to pre-order and purchase the items up for sale. Additionally, they wanted traditional TV-sized audience to tune-in. Working with AmpLive, they were able to distribute and create viewership during the 30 minute live show increments.

Based upon HP and Walmart’s specific audience goals AmpLive created and executed a distribution strategy that resulted in a hundred’s of thousands in viewers. They were able to identify via the suite of real-time analytics and scoring algorithm, which viewers were likely to purchase during the show. In the end, HP + Walmart’s expectations were well exceeded not just from the massive increase in audience, but also through the 100% sold out position of the new HP Laptop.

HP + Walmart saw a 20X increase in average view-time over their existing Youtube audience because of AmpLive’s efforts to reach not just a large audience, but the right audience. Most importantly, they saw an increase in sponsorship and merchandise revenue that they attribute to increased brand recognition. This, they feel, was derived from providing relevant live content to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time, and engaging them with Q&A and social participation.

355,000 Video Views

52% Audience Engagement

20X Average View Time