Livestreams for Account Based Marketing: Grow an Audience for your Physical Event

AmpLive, Evia Events and hosted a joint webinar on June 21 to show event marketers how to grow an audience by adding a virtual component to their next physical event. Here’s the recording.

Driving demand from live streams

How do you connect a webinar and a livestream? WebinarJam offers a simple, scalable platform that’s built on top of YouTube Live. This means I invited my email list (the same as any webinar tool), but the power of YouTube Live’s infrastructure means my live content can be discovered by the world. The challenge for any marketer at a small start-up like AmpLive is reaching your audience and standing out in an ocean full of content competing for their attention.

After all, we live in an attention economy. The person who attracts the most attention wins. It’s a zero-sum game, since there are finite amount of hours in a day. This means if I capture your attention, I’ve taken it away from something else.

How to find a net new audience beyond the emails you already have? Engineer a honeypot so attractive and so highly targeted that people can’t resist joining.


  • From our respective lists – 121 registrants from AmpLive’s list of ~14,000 emails. Decent performance with definite room for improvement.
  • Inside the actual webinar room on WebinarJam – What stands out to me here is 85% of our attendees stayed for the entire webinar. Of course, I’d love to see 100% of people complete the entire show but 4 out of 5 is a strong performance.
  • Live results targeting digital marketers – 10% engagement, 1 minute average view time. 10k viewers watching from their favorite websites. 47 clicked on the CTA.
  • Live results targeting ABM – This is where it gets interesting. ABM for livestreams. We took a targeted a dozen accounts and made sure to get the content in front of them. For example, on Amazon, here’s limited scale for how many impressions you can buy since a finite amount of people are looking at a browser on Amazon’s corporate network during the 60 minute webinar.



  1. Target the NASDAQ – We targeted 10 companies for our ABM approach, and next time we’ll expand the list of accounts to include as many large tech companies as possible. NASDAQ watch out.
  2. Go live longer – Give people more time to discover your content. Go live for longer, but make sure the content is just as sharp in the final minutes as in the early segments.
  3. Turn on your webcam – Slides and audio are not as attention-grabbing as video of real people having a conversation


AmpLive is a live video distribution platform that turns live viewers into customers. We connect audiences to live events. This was the first edition in a new series of Fireside Chats with AmpLive. Look out for more in the coming months. Have suggestions for topics that we haven’t covered? Send them over!




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