5 Questions Marketers Should Ask to Get More Livestream Viewers

Streaming grows in popularity by the day, but livestream viewers remains a mystery to many marketers. Most marketers still treat live video like an experimental fad that has yet to prove its worth as a demand generation tactic. The best marketers already know how to turn livestream viewers into pipeline opportunities. This new series of blog posts will help marketers answer their most pressing questions about live streaming. Let’s start with the 5 most common questions we hear at AmpLive:

  1. How do I get people to watch my live stream? 

    The simple answer boils down to 3 words: promotion, promotion, promotion. Live is the most engaging content format available to the modern marketer. Give it the same promotional muscle you put behind any other date-driven digital campaign, like a webinar. This means invite your email list. Share teaser videos on your social channels with an invite to the upcoming live event. Blog about the broadcast to preview what viewers will learn during the live show. Run a pre-show sign-up campaign with digital ads. Done right, these tactics will net you a strong organic audience.

    But organic has limits. AmpLive takes over once you’re ready to distribute your live stream and build a guaranteed number of viewers for your event. We connect your live content – in those magic moments when it’s actually live – to 150 million viewers in the AmpLive network. This solves the most stressful questions about broadcasting live: will anyone watch? AmpLive takes the headache out of audience building. The end-user sees live content precisely targeted to their interests on web sites where they already spend time. It’s contextually-relevant, live, engaging video.

  2. Why is viewership important? How does AmpLive measure views? 

    Viewership represents the total number of times your target audience sees your content. AmpLive places a tracking pixel on every content format we distribute. The pixel fires each time your live content shows up on one of the 3,000 sites in our publisher network.  AmpLive only charges for viewers who see your content for at least 5 seconds with the video 100% in view. This doubles the industry standard of 2 seconds of view time at 50% in-view. AmpLive will continue to evolve our audience engagement metrics in order to provide the most engaged viewers who spend the most attention on your content.

  3. How do I turn livestream viewers into customers? 

    Once you start a conversation with your audience, don’t let that connection fall away after the live stream. Instead, keep the conversation going. Retarget based on the attention viewers spend on your content. This drives conversions down the funnel much more efficiently. In addition, retargeting personalizes follow-up messages when people are most likely to be interested in hearing from you.

    Let’s look at a few examples. Viewers who spend 10 seconds with your content may only be interested in keeping in touch. Offer them a subscription to your blog. On the other hand, viewers who spend 10 minutes with your live stream may want to learn more. Offer them a follow-up conversation. AmpLive’s ‘Attention Retargeting’ technology lets you personalize messaging based on how your audience interacts with you.

  4. How do I make sure the video production looks sharp?

    AmpLive focuses on distribution, not the video cameras or streaming production, but we get this question a lot. The most successful clients we work with match their video budget to the scale of the event. If your goal is a world-class user conference with 10,000+ attendees, consider a professional production company like Evia Events or TenCue. For thought leadership broadcasters, you can likely handle the production yourself with some help from our friends at Livestream. Their Ultimate Guide to Livestreaming Events provides a recipe to make your broadcast a success. With production ironed out, you’re ready to build your audience with AmpLive. To get started, all we need is your embed code. We’ll make sure your audience sees your stream.

  5. Why not just use Facebook Live as my live streaming platform?

    AmpLive separates itself from most streaming services with the rich audience data we provide. Facebook provides very little data and recently got in sued for inflated video ad viewership metrics. Facebook only shares viewer count and average time spent. In contrast, AmpLive provides 23 data points on engagement and performance to help optimize your campaigns in real-time. Facebook claims 1.7 billion users, but it still cannot guarantee a livestream viewers to your broadcast. Live streams are only seen by your followers and only the followers online at that precise moment. AmpLive delivers a guaranteed audience of your target demographic regardless if you know them or not.

Author’s Note: We want these blog posts to provide simple answers to questions about live streaming. If you can’t find your question in any of the series, please shoot us an email here with your suggestion.