Four Steps to Maximize Live Stream ROI (2017 Edition)

Strategic foresight can be the difference between a successful live stream campaign and an unsuccessful one.

1. Make sure to pixel all of your live stream content

Pixel everything!

Tracking pixels are tiny (pixel-sized) images that can be embedded into all video players. When a viewer enters the live stream, the pixel “fires” and records the event. From there, the viewer has been tagged and can be served your content on websites they visit in the future. By ensuring that your content is getting maximum exposure to the people who have previously engaged, you’ll continue to drive ROI sourced by your streams.

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2. Budget responsibilities and time

Make sure your stream is planned down to the minute and stay on schedule. Eyes are the most valuable currency and the content on-screen is the only way to keep them. If your stream content goes off the rails, so will your viewer count. As more viewers drop off, you have less conversion opportunities. Managing your production team and ensuring that the event stays on schedule are great behind-the-scenes ways to retain an audience for longer.


3. Create content for your live stream and stay on topic

It should go without saying, but the quality of your video is an important factor in driving live stream ROI. A typical mistake most marketers make during their first event is covering too many topics. For example, if you’re producing a B2B marketing event, make sure to stay on B2B topics.

Your viewers discovered your ads and decided to tune-in, so make sure you reward them with content they’re interested in. Use your registrant list to make educated guesses as to what content would interest them. 


4. Have a distribution strategy

You’ve set up all your tracking pixels, lost hours of sleep over your stream schedule, and made sure your audience is interested in your content. What’s left?

The most important part, a distribution strategy! There’s nothing worse than devoting your time and resources to a project that no one is going to see. It can be easy to get lost in all the noise of IOT, even if your content is extremely valuable. Setting up a distribution strategy to reach your exact target audience is a sure-fire way to guarantee an engaged audience that will love your event.



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