Fashion Players that Changed the Industry’s Mind about Streaming

Fashion events have always been exclusive. With invites reserved for the industry’s elite, few were able to see a brand’s newest items before they hit the shelves. Today, live streaming has made it possible for fashion’s biggest brands to expand their audiences beyond physical events. This trend not only enriches the lives of fashion aficionados across the globe, but it helps brands gain huge multiples in exposure and engagement during their runway events. Although the fashion industry hasn’t been sold on streaming universally, the success of certain events is surely warming people to the idea.



  1. NYFW Opening Ceremonies

    In early 2017, the winter leg of New York Fashion Week faced a problem: How to maximize exposure and ROI with such a short broadcast. Fashion shows are already short presentations, which makes the thought of grabbing a viewer’s attention even more daunting. But, live streaming allowed audiences to expand beyond the confines of the physical event, allowing NYFW to drive an audience of over 300,000 people.
    NYFW is one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world, and even they face ROI and exposure challenges. But, live streaming has proven to be a viable tool to help tackle them. 

  2. Nineteenth Amendment

    Nineteenth Amendment is a platform that allows high fashion designers to sell their locally manufactured work right off the runway to consumers. Their organization allows style-conscious consumers to access exclusive designer pieces at prices that are within reach. In keeping with this inclusive model, Nineteenth Amendment opened the doors to New York Fashion Week through live stream. With the help of Periscope, Nineteenth Amendment brought viewers backstage to meet with designers, models, makeup artists and stylists, and then live streamed the actual runway shows.

    Not only was live streaming the event a great way to share fashion with a larger community, it was also a great way to get exposure for Nineteenth Amendment designers. Win win.

  3. Carolina Herrera

    Carolina Herrera has been a household name in fashion since the early 1980s. Since it’s inception, the brand has sold billions of dollars worth of clothing and perfumes. When they decided to start streaming content around 2013, they were constantly running into the same problems. “We struggled with the same thing season after season. The stream didn’t go live, or the video quality was poor.” With that in mind, they decided to hold-off on streaming in 2015. Big mistake; “We saw a significant decrease on our social platforms and there was a lot less talk around the event because people couldn’t see it as it was happening.”

    After deciding to partner with OVP Livestream for the 2016 New York Fashion Week show, the C.H. brand organizers saw the true power of live. After the stream which drove 51.2m impressions, the brand gained 60K new social followers. On top of these massive stats, Carolina Herrera was named as the “best live streaming experience in all of NYFW” by the Wall Street Journal.


Today, Fashion Week events across the globe have made high fashion accessible to consumers and fans online. Alongside the New York live stream, the Paris, London, Milan, Miami, Dubai, Bridal, Men’s… all of the numerous Fashion Week shows can be streamed live on the Fashion Week Online website. Through live stream, Fashion Week continues to bring the global fashion landscape into view.