Considering Marketing With Live Stream? Look To The Experts

How Agencies and Online Periodicals Power Successful Marketing Events

Marketing events can have a huge impact on your company’s growth. Engaging your consumers with a live event helps add a face to your brand. This sense of personality could be the difference between you and your competitors when it comes time for your potential customers or clients to make decisions about where to spend their money.

As you can imagine, the problem with such events is that the effect rarely extends beyond the physical audience. In order to maximize impact, smart marketers know that video is a great way to share events with people beyond the confines of the theater or conference center. And making the experience a shared one through live streaming is even better.

To take brand exposure even further, some companies are turning to third parties to help film and distribute such events.

At AmpLive, we obviously believe distribution across broad publisher networks is key. However, there are many other groups that contribute to making a live stream great before your event even begins.

Digital Marketing Agencies

For example, digital agencies like Vayner Media can play a crucial role in determining what kinds of events would benefit from live streaming. Agencies can help clients find their target audiences and make informed decisions about what kinds of videos would speak to them. In addition, most agencies create supporting written and visual content and can integrate live streaming into a more comprehensive marketing strategy. They can also help analyze engagement reports and help develop a post-event strategy.

Video Production Agencies

Third-party video production agencies like Mighty Media can help make your live stream high-quality and professional looking. Attention to detail is important when it comes to your live stream. The attention economy is a competitive one, and having an eye-catching video is vital if you want to succeed. Professional video producers have the tools and experience to create a video that people will see and want to watch.

Online Periodicals

News hubs for shareable content can also get more eyes on your video. If your target audience is likely to follow entertainment news or trending content, getting a video published on a site like What’s Trending or Buzzfeed will help expand your audience. Putting your video alongside targeted online content will help maximize the impact of your live stream, and the marketing potential of your event (this may require a distribution tool, of course).


Remember that your work doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are people out there who know the larger marketing landscape and can help you make the most of your live streamed event.