Eight OVPs You Need To Know If You’re Marketing With Live Stream

When you’re using live content for business, it’s important to consider your tools carefully.

Most importantly, it’s important to do a little research on which online video platforms are out there, what they do, how they’re different from one another, and which would work best for you.

We all know about Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Youtube and Periscope, and we’ve covered them before. Here’s the 411 on a few of our other favorites:


DaCast is a San Francisco based OVP. They are a self-service, white-label, online video platform delivering live and on-demand streaming content. Combining their set of paywall technology with web-based streaming configuration leaves you with a one-stop-shop for all your streaming monetization needs. Among PPV technologies, these tools monetization tools include reselling opportunities, and Video On-Demand offerings (among many other features).

DaCast cloud video APIs allows you to customize not only your player but also provides access to video hosting services to fit your own business needs. What’s more, the API allows users to easily access a detailed suite of analytics regarding your broadcast. By giving users the data in raw form, DaCast gives users the ability to code custom displays, pick out the most relevant metrics, and gather the most important information for your operations.

Bambuser/Iris Platform

Bambuser’s Iris Platform allows for rolling out ultra low latency, HD video streaming without having to worry about stability, scaling, infrastructure or device fragmentation. Iris can either be used by companies looking to leverage mobile live video through a ready-to-go product suite with Iris Flow, or those looking to integrate live video capabilities into existing apps or mobile platforms using Iris Dev’s advanced developer tools. 


Livestream is the only end-to-end live video solution, providing the platform to take your events live anywhere and measure the results, the hardware to stream it, and the services to make your live strategy shine. Livestream has been trusted in the industry for over 10 years, and now with their acquisition by Vimeo, they are positioned to be a powerful streaming video platform for any creator or organization looking to broadcast their message or event and grow their digital audience and ROI. For more information on what makes Livestream different than other platforms, check out this article.

Bulldog Digital Media

Bulldog DM (recently featured in Forbes) is the world’s first and most experienced live streaming agency. Bulldog DM works with the world’s top experiences and music festivals to guide their live stream strategies with brands, marketers, agencies and distribution platforms. They are best known for their work planning, creating, delivering, and now distributing live streams for music festivals, concerts, broadcast TV events, and product launches.


Stream is a premier live-first online video platform. It removes technological barriers to live streaming by opening up live video to all platforms and devices.

Stream enables media publishers, digital networks, brands, organizations, and broadcasters to capture high-quality live video while enjoying the features required to support live and VOD (video on demand) needs.

Stream developed to avoid third party dependencies, so organizations can effortlessly scale live-first video solutions across devices — from in-event mobile live streaming to embedded web players and more. Learn more here.  


Evia provides virtual event solutions for events of all sizes, connecting organizations to their live and virtual audiences. Through Evia Ground, they offer hands-on services for live streaming, on-demand video production, and custom development. Through the Evia Cloud event hosting platform, users can deliver event content to any device via secure, branded, customized event pages. Evia Cloud also provides analytics to help users better understand their audience and event.


ON24 is a leader in webinar-based marketing solutions that drive demand generation and customer engagement. With a simple user interface and powerful webinar analytics and benchmarking tools, it’s a great platform for virtual training, town hall-style meetings, and corporate webinar events.


Ooyala assists with OTT video broadcasting through media management and consulting, video hosting, and monetization strategy. Ooyala is a good solution for content creators who are looking to streamline their operations or gain more subscriptions, ad views, or ppv purchases. While Ooyala is not all about live streaming, they do offer Ooyala Live to deliver and syndicate live content to Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, or Youtube.