The Mindset of the Cord Cutter and what it means for Live Streaming

Cutting the Cord

As more people “Cut the Cord,” the public is moving away from restricted traditional cable viewership. Platforms like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are receiving more attention. These platforms offer fewer channels at lower prices, with different bundles for different needs. These Internet TV streaming services represent the movement towards personal customization and accessibility, curating offerings to the individual rather than the general consumer. But imagine if we could add a layer of intelligent targeting onto that logic. We’re left with a more pleasant viewing experience, and would be more likely to engage with our favorite content.

Millennials are often the leaders when it comes to adopting new technologies. As seen in the graphic above, their traditional TV viewing habits are decreasing quicker than any other age group.  Over the same 6 years represented in the graph, not only has millennial viewership decreased, but time spent watching livestreams and internet video are at an all time high. In 2016, 81% of the Internet watched more live video than in 2015. In fact, TV viewership from those in the 25-34 and 35-49 age groups has also lessened, but less dramatically. It’s clear that desires are changing, and the industry is responding by increasing it’s offerings in the streaming spaces.


What does this mean for live streaming?

It’s not just about the millennials anymore. The generational gap is closing; everyone is starving for better targeted content.  Consumers desire personalized content specifically tailored to the individual. People value accessibility and freedom of choice.  Increased personalization drives engagement, so there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to have a better targeting strategy. Check out some brands doing live streaming right.

Imagine you are the Executive Producer of a TV show. What if you could make your show instantly accessible to your target audience by placing it right in front of them in their browsers? You would expect to see much higher time spent watching. Also, you would have a much more engaged audience watching your content. If an audience can easily view a video that perfectly aligns with their interests, then they are far more likely to engage with it.

This is where AmpLive comes in, we utilize ad space on publisher sites to deliver our formats. AmpLive allows you to distribute your live stream by placing it directly in front of your target viewer, making it easy for them and tailoring content directly to their interests. By capitalizing on the audience’s known behavior, we create a targeting strategy based on your content. Once targeting is complete, we deliver our formats in ad space on publisher sites, putting you right in front of the most relevant eyeballs. After the event we’ll give you a comprehensive data set on your audience, allowing you to draw conclusions and make connections about them. This will allow you to craft a better content strategy for your next event, thus driving engagement and funnel growth.



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