Climate Reality Project Keeps Climate Change in the Conversation with Live Streaming

Last week was the seventh annual 24 Hours of Reality event. As we’ve discussed the power of live streaming for good causes, we think it’s important to draw attention to the success of the event, and the opportunity it represents. Here’s a recap:

Since 2011, former Vice President Al Gore has made it his mission to keep the topic of climate change in the public debate. In its first year, Climate Reality Project compiled a series of presentations and videos that would be broadcasted in every time zone in the world. The aim behind these early broadcasts was to raise awareness and encourage the public debate amidst a tumultuous political climate. Fast forward to 2017, CRP’s 7th broadcast, and their focus is changing that political climate.

In a year with such political upheaval it’s important to remember the universal issues that affect us all, such as climate change. It’s easy to view such a hot-button topic as just more fodder for the media to stir us up with, but the broadcast cuts straight through the noise. During such a long broadcast the creators have to keep the content new and fresh, but Climate Reality Project went above and beyond.

The stream covered 24 different countries (or regions) and the issues that plague them as a result of global warming. They covered the Australian public’s efforts to overcome the inaction of indecisive political leadership. Hour 4 was devoted to Mexico’s bold proposition of taking the country to 35% “clean energy” by 2024. Non-EU European countries who were, as they put it, “Going their own way,” even had a segment to themselves. It was a truly all-encompassing broadcast which outlined the paths to affecting change in our communities.

CRP was able to bring people from all around the world into a forum where they could discuss major change that affect the world. In a time where live streaming wasn’t available, such an undertaking would require tons of money and logistics. Getting all of those same people in the same room would have been next to impossible due to the distance between them. But the ramifications of climate change have no borders, nor does the power of live streaming.

Find the entire 24 hour recording of 24 Hours of Climate Reality on their YouTube page, or the Green Anglicans Facebook page.