Bulldog DM and AmpLive have partnered to allow content owners, brands, agencies and live event producers to amplify live events and increase audiences and viewers. The partnership will leverage AmpLive’s syndication capabilities to enhance Bulldog DM’s best practice live stream agency. In short, Bulldog DM’s users just gained the ability to amplify and specify their audiences to help convert viewers to customers.  

Bulldog DM (recently featured in Forbes) is the world’s first and most experienced live streaming agency.

Bulldog DM works with the world’s top experiences and music festivals to guide their live stream strategies with brands, marketers, agencies and distribution platforms.

In the context of recent increases in cord cutting, rampant adoption of ad blockers and brand safety, brands are encountering more challenges in traditional advertising.

Entrusted by some of the world’s best brands like Rock In Rio, The Climate Reality Project, Amazon and Universal Music Group, AmpLive helps meet these challenges by targeting live viewers based on demographics, geography and interest categories, and pairing them with relevant partner publishers. Live streams are then distributed across an audience network of over 150 million qualified viewers and 3000 premium publishers, such as the New York Times, and Rolling Stone and TechCrunch. This helps brands acquire new audiences beyond and in addition to Facebook Live and Youtube.

With AmpLive, views are guaranteed, and targeted audience data is reported in real-time.

After the event, AmpLive’s proprietary technology retargets the viewer as soon as they disengage from the stream to drive them further toward conversion.

“There is no denying the engagement and impact of live streaming in media today.  We are seeing the development of the experience economy where people want to invest in events and experiences and if they cannot attend in person they want to have collaborative and participatory experiences that our best practice live streaming approach provides.  Now with AmpLive we are able to extend these experiences to even larger and more engaged audiences creating a win for all stakeholders” said John Petrocelli, CEO and founder of Bulldog DM.

“What you have here is two companies coming together to provide the livestreaming industry better insight into live audiences. Bulldog DM works with the best live experiences and music festivals and AmpLive delivers the best audiences. Together this is a big win for fans wanting more live content and sponsors wanting to reaching these audiences,” said Eddie Vaca, founder and CEO of AmpLive.

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Spring is upon us, and just like the cherry trees outside our windows here in Berkeley, the AmpLive Product team just unfolded its latest platform improvements. Today, we pulled out of beta four major updates to the AmpLive platform to help marketers improve live streaming events.

These improvements fall into four buckets: turn-key campaign creation and management, retargeting, understanding viewers and analyzing viewing trends.

Turn-Key Campaign Creation and Management

AmpLive users have the ability to create and manage campaigns from our self-service interface. We have optimized the interface to be simple and easy to use. Once marketers launch a campaign, they can:

We’ve built the ability for marketers to run their own campaigns start-to-finish, at any hour of the day, with only hours of notice.

Attention Retargeting

This feature was previously available only to select enterprise clients, but now all clients can set up retargeting based on the attention spent on their content from our self-service interface. Learn more about Attention Retargeting here. It’s now possible to take action against those who have engaged and interacted with their live video. Think about personalized follow-up campaigns with customized calls to action. Marketers can target viewers who time spent engaging with content, clicked-through to the landing page, unmuted, or those who moused-over the ad.

Understand your viewers

Marketers now have the ability to understand where viewers are accessing their campaign from, broken down by country, state and city (see screenshot below).

Analyze viewing trends

Marketers can also analyze viewing trends during the last 60 minutes. This enables them to see, for example, where engagement spiked or where interest began to wane during the broadcast. The latest improvements also breakdown how long people viewed by each ad creative in order to A/B test calls to action, banner design, and content formats (see screenshot below).

Log into your AmpLive dashboard to see these improvements in action. Please feel free to email your account manager with any questions or suggestions for new features.


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