AmpLive Becomes Official Distribution Arm of Advertising Week 2018!

AmpLive joins the AdWeek team, undertaking distribution for all conferences world wide!

The Challenge:

Advertising Week is a global network of annual events focused on creating a conversation about current trends in advertising, marketing, and tech. For the 14th annual Advertising Week New York, organizers wanted to amplify the live streams of 37 select events. The ultimate goal was to reach an audience of 500,000 creative business and tech professionals.

The Result:

Over the course of five days, Advertising Week New York worked with AmpLive to live stream all 37 events, including talks from representatives of Twitter, Google, Bing, Quantcast, Waze, and other major players in the tech space. The final qualified audience size was over 1 million viewers — more than double the initial goal, and 10 times larger than the previous year. With an above-average engagement rate of 5.5%, over 60k viewers engaged with the event’s live stream.

After viewing the results of their live stream, Advertising Week has decided to make AmpLive an official distribution partner for their 2018 events across the globe.