The Brands Doing Live Streaming Right

Live video is a powerful tool for engaging audiences, but in order to drive customer adoption and push the bottom line, brands must dance a fine line between pushing products/services and providing entertainment. It’s not an easy line to walk, but some brands have emerged as champions of the medium. Here, I’ll break down 4 brands doing live streaming right that have been particularly successful at creating compelling live content.

1. Red Bull

The Red Bull Media House produces and distributes sports, music, and lifestyle content. Not surprisingly live video has been an integral part of that cocktail. They broadcast many of the Red Bull International events series, including Red Bull X-Fighters and Red Bull Crushed Ice. This not only exposes the brand to a world of extreme sports fans, but also gives them ample licensing opportunities. It also helps to round out the programming available through Red Bull TV, their linear TV channel.

2. GE – Drones Periscope livestream #droneweek

GE is perennially unafraid of pushing the envelope when it comes to getting people excited about their mission and technology. Last year the company used livestreaming app Periscope to broadcast drone footage of some of its top-secret facilities where they develop jet engines, wind turbines, and other industrial projects. The weeklong event had its own hashtag, #droneweek, and attracted lots of attention from the press and the general public. In this case, GE was able to combine the buzz around Periscope with the popularity of drone footage to successfully tell a story about their brand that consumers found extremely compelling. Whether or not you’re in the market for one of GE’s products, watching live aerial footage on Periscope is pretty cool.

3. UFC

UFC was one of the earliest brands to break free from the confines of traditional broadcast media and give viewers a chance to view UFC content exclusively online. Their UFC Fight Pass product allows fans to purchase live online access to their PPV events. This makes it easier than ever for cord-cutters to get access to weigh-ins, press conferences, and fight nights. They have also been streaming pre-fight press conferences and weigh-ins for free leading up to big fights. Here, UFS pulls fans in to some of the pre-fight promotion and drama.

4. Martha Stewart Living

The Martha Stewart Living Organization may be one of the last brands you’d think would expose itself to the risk of doing a potentially raw, unpolished live broadcast, but the brand has been successfully creating live content for several years now. Martha herself has gotten in on the action, offering viewers unique opportunities to peek inside her personal test kitchen, a tour of her Bedford, NY farm, and tips on everything from making a shrimp cocktail to flower arranging. While she could easily have done these events in pre-recorded VOD format, utilizing Live video helped her connect to and interact with viewers in a way that would be simply impossible through any other medium.


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