The Challenge:

Advertising Week is a global network of annual events focused on creating a conversation about current trends in advertising, marketing, and tech. For the 14th annual Advertising Week New York, organizers wanted to amplify the live streams of 37 select events. The ultimate goal was to reach an audience of 500,000 creative business and tech professionals.

The Result:

Over the course of five days, Advertising Week New York worked with AmpLive to live stream all 37 events, including talks from representatives of Twitter, Google, Bing, Quantcast, Waze, and other major players in the tech space. The final qualified audience size was over 1 million viewers — more than double the initial goal, and 10 times larger than the previous year. With an above-average engagement rate of 5.5%, over 60k viewers engaged with the event’s live stream.

After viewing the results of their live stream, Advertising Week has decided to make AmpLive an official distribution partner for their 2018 events across the globe.

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New York Fashion Week (presented by Lexus) is one of the most prestigious fashion shows in the world. During their first year as presenting sponsor, Lexus wanted to make sure to get exposure and engagement from a large audience, especially millennials. Walton Issacson (In partnership with Lexus) wanted to ensure a large digital audience in order to justify their investment.


In 2016, the winter leg of New York Fashion Week faced a problem that very few do not run into: How to maximize exposure and ROI with such a short broadcast.

Albert Thompson, Digital Strategist at Walton Issacson, reached out to AmpLive. His goal was to craft an actionable distribution strategy for the short, 14 minute broadcast of NYFW Brand Opening Ceremony. While the content is clearly high-value and sought after, distributing the broadcast to a large number of people in a short period of time would prove to be challenging.


The campaign was a resounding success for all parties involved. Thompson, expecting a few thousand viewers, was ecstatic upon finding out that the viewer count was actually 341,644 with an average view time of 4 minutes and 43 seconds.

“I’ve been a fan of live streaming so much, I can’t believe all businesses aren’t building their entire strategies around it. Platforms like Periscope will get you 300 views versus 300,000 on AmpLive. “

-Albert Thompson, Digital Strategist, Walton Issacson

While the view count was impressive, we don’t want to forget about engagement. What is a viewers’ worth if they don’t engage with your content? Thompson also revered the CTR, which was nearly quadruple the industry standard at .15% (821 total clicks).

NAB Targeted Distribution

Approaching their largest event of the year, NAB Show LIVE faced a challenge similar to that of many other creators and broadcasters producing a live streaming event: great content but slow growth in people tuning into the live event. As in previous years, NAB Show LIVE partnered with premium distributor Brightcove to deliver their live event from the convention center floors. Organizers also brought in AmpLive to help grow the audience by driving awareness of the live broadcast and syndicating the event to thousands of targeted distribution points.


Organizers had the physical event nailed for the NAB show, but they struggled to maximize the reach of the digital experience. Sharing recorded video after an event is one thing, but NAB knew that live streaming can drive massive real-time engagement. NAB is already the largest broadcast media event in the world (103,000 attendees in 2016). But organizers needed a way to reach the millions of people who couldn’t attend in person. They just weren’t sure how to extend the magic of the conference into the digital realm. Organizers also worried about sacrificing the quality of the live broadcast while delivering the event worldwide.


AmpLive built a syndication channel to bring NAB’s highly engaging content directly to the viewer in their favorite place. Using AmpLive’s first party data combined with data segments from BlueKai, AmpLive delivered highly targeted viewers over the four-day event. Each viewer was then segmented by interest, time spent, and action taken to deliver unprecedented performance for NAB Show LIVE.


NAB Show LIVE attracted 1.16 million live views, more than 10x the viewership during the prior year. Average view time also beat industry standards at more than 5 minutes.

“The team at AmpLive have been instrumental in our 2016 NAB Show LIVE broadcast. The ability to tap into specific types of viewers globally certainly helped the success of our show!”

— Ryan Salazar, Executive Producer, NAB Show LIVE

Microsoft Live Streaming

Microsoft is an innovative, fast-moving company that needs to get its message across to the millions of people impacted by their software. In 2017, Microsoft teamed up with AmpLive to live stream dozens of events to millions of people. 


For many people, the effects of climate change remain abstract and difficult to identify in daily life. Former Vice President Al Gore wants to change that. As a result, he created the Climate Reality Project to highlight communities around the world hardest hit by a changing global environment. Furthermore, Gore wanted show the effects of climate change on the globe. And he wanted to do it live for a 24-hour stretch via the Climate Reality Project live stream.

That was the challenge Al Gore’s team brought to AmpLive 2 years ago. Build a massive audience for the Climate Reality Project live stream. Their goal is to galvanize support for climate change and drive the adoption of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The event follows the sun in a 24-hour live broadcast highlighting the effects on different regions of the world.


The election of Donald Trump, however, threw a wrench in the gears of global climate policy. As a result, organizers wanted the Climate Reality Project live streams seen by as many viewers as possible. Each hour during the day-long broadcast highlighted progress in countries around the globe. These examples  included efforts to build wind farms in Argentina, a look at Mexico City’s sustainable public transportation system, the climate-related challenges faced by farmers in Australia, and wrapped up with an update on efforts to transform the US energy sector.

“Now in the wake of the recent United States presidential election, some fear a cloud hangs over this process,” Gore said in the opening of the broadcast. “Of course, while we hope fervently that the new President Elect respects the wishes of the majority of US citizens who do want strong action to solve the climate crisis, we also have to be doubly aware, highly vigilant and prepared to respond should progress be threatened.”

Biggest live stream audience - Climate Reality Project live stream

Challenge – how to grow the Climate Reality Project live stream

The Climate Reality team has two goals. First, they need to bring the live experience to as many viewers around the globe as possible. Second, the audience needs to reach beyond the 24 largest CO2-emitting countries highlighted in the live streams. How to make the effects of global warming in countries like Turkey resonate with people in New York? The answer: distributing the live streams to viewers across the globe through the AmpLive Audience Network.

Climate Reality Project live stream results

The Climate Reality Project live stream reached 25.6 million viewers. That’s up 30% from the 19.7 million viewers who watched in 2015. 

Furthermore, each viewer spent more than 9 minutes on average watching the live streams. That’s more than double 2015’s average view time of 4 minutes. Nearly 10% of 2016’s viewers took action to engage with the live stream, like clicking through to the landing page. That also nearly double’s 2015’s engagement rate of 5%.


Organizers are already building up momentum ahead of the 2017 Climate Reality Project live stream. The goal for the 2017 Climate Reality Project live stream is use the results from the event to keep up the drumbeat of public awareness about climate change. In turn, this will continue to push global leaders to take action.

And as of today, every sitting world leader is committed to action, committed to putting into force the promises of the Paris Climate Agreement and realize the larger promise of a sustainable future,” Gore said. “Now, it’s time to make it a reality.”