State of the Union: AmpLive’s Plan to Build Your Audience

We are excited to announce the official launch of AmpLive, the audience builder for content marketers. Over the past year, AmpLive has run hundreds of campaigns for live content marketers from every industry ranging from enterprise to tech. We helped these companies build, segment and retarget an audience based on viewer interest and attention. Due to this approach, we have reached over 80M live viewers in 2015 and continue to drive some of the largest live online broadcasts in history. AmpLive’s plan to build your audience uses our proprietary DMP to:

First — Find Your Audience

Are you streaming a live award show centered around crafting? Do you aim to target teens who shop for the latest in wearable tech? Well, we have an audience for you. AmpLive has distinguished its ability to find and deliver your content to the right people, at the right time, helping you build a repeatably reachable audience. In fact, build your audience campaign right inside your AmpLive account dashboard, then sit back and watch your audience continue to grow.

Then — Know Your Audience

Know your audience in real-time. In your dashboard you can now see interactions, average view time, audience gained and conversion rates for all your events. You can even get hourly snapshots of your campaign automatically sent to your email. Knowing which points in your stream engage the most viewers helps you understand your audience and their main interests.

Most Important — Keep Your Audience

At AmpLive, we believe that building an audience makes up just one step in the equation. Our ability to capture and store your audience data allows you to continue to show engaged viewers the content they enjoy. Go no further than your dashboard to set up a remarketing campaign against your total audience number.

Therefore, AmpLive’s plan to build your audience includes all stages of development, from targeting to understanding to retaining audiences. Let us help you amplify your audience.


~ May 30, 2017 Update: See how we’ve improved our platform here ~