AmpLive + Stream Partner to Drive Real-Time Engagement

Who is Stream?

Stream is the leading live-first online video platform (OVP). It removes technological barriers to live streaming by opening up live video to all platforms and devices.

Stream enables media publishers, digital networks, brands, organizations, and broadcasters to capture high-quality live video while enjoying the features required to support live and VOD (video on demand) needs.

Stream developed to avoid third party dependencies, so organizations can effortlessly scale live-first video solutions across devices — from in-event mobile live streaming to embedded web players and more. Learn more here.  

Who is AmpLive?

AmpLive is the premier distributor of live streams to qualified targeted audiences across an audience network of 150 million viewers. Viewers are guaranteed, and audience data is reported in real-time.

AmpLive targets viewers based on demographics, geography, behavior or interest categories. Once a target audience is defined, AmpLive determines which partner publishers are hosting similar content, and embeds live streams on these sites where they will be visible to qualified viewers instantly.

To promote live content, AmpLive is partnered with major publishers, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Rolling Stone, TechCrunch and other major media outlets, and delivers to the entire internet at scale and can help brands acquire new audiences beyond Facebook Live our Youtube.

How does this partnership strengthen each platform?

The combination of Stream and AmpLive allows Stream’s customers to get more engagement on their live streams with the help of AmpLive’s network. Your team is putting effort into a live stream. Why not gain viewers and insight? With this partnership, you can create a live stream and maximize its impact, all on one platform.