NAB Press Release

AmpLive teams with Broadcast Beat to become the official distribution partner for NAB Show LIVE 2016

A leader in live streaming video distribution, AmpLive partners with Broadcast Beat to increase viewership to this year’s NAB Show LIVE broadcast by 10x. This partnership also brings the NAB Show LIVE broadcast to a worldwide audience.

AmpLive’s technology allows live broadcasters to capture audience data across multiple channels. These include desktops, mobile, and CTV to build actionable audiences in real-time. AmpLive’s technology also measures viewer attention, which gives the broadcaster insights into their content and audience.

Moreover, some of the biggest companies in the world have already started using AmpLive to spread their live digital broadcasts, including Sony, Martha Stewart and Microsoft. AmpLive is turn-key and has already integrated with most popular video hosting providers (Brightcove, Periscope, Livestream, Ustream). We’ll build custom distribution channels and target the right audience for your content. While anyone can start a live broadcast covering any range of topics, retaining a dedicated and retargetable audience is challenging. This is where AmpLive comes in.

“We are more than thrilled to help an Organization like NAB find actionable audiences during the 4 day event. We think that we are going to be able to drive a larger audience, a more engaged audience, and help NAB setup for a bigger 2017 show,” says AmpLives Founder and CEO, Edward Vaca. AmpLive is part of the 2016 SPROCKIT cohort that is among 19 other promising companies launching at the event.

About us

We’re a passionate team of media experts that broke off of UStream a year ago to solve the industry’s biggest problems. We’re responsible for some of the world’s largest digital broadcasts in terms of viewership numbers.

If you’re live streaming this year, make sure to come find us in the SPROCKIT section of the North Hall, booth N8635-24. We’ll be running multiple events from NAB, come see our platform in action!


~ May 30, 2017 Update: See how we’ve improved our platform here ~