AmpLive Partners with Versatile OVP DaCast to Drive Your Live Events

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with online video provider DaCast!

Who is DaCast?

DaCast Streaming as a Service™ (see what they did there 🙂 ?) is a San Francisco based OVP. They are a self-service, white-label, online video platform delivering live and on-demand streaming content. Combining their set of paywall technology with web-based streaming configuration leaves you with a one-stop-shop for all your streaming monetization needs.  Among PPV technologies, these tools monetization tools include reselling opportunities, and Video On-Demand offerings (among many other features).

Self-service live streaming made easy

DaCast isn’t just your regular, run-of-the-mill OVP. With DaCast, you can expect:

– User-friendly platform with almost instant provisioning of live channels from anywhere in the world
– Partnership with a top tier CDN to ensure the best performance when streaming live events
– Dacast lets broadcasters build their own channels through a white label platform
– Integrated players and paywall to allow selling or pre-selling of live events with just a few clicks
– DaCast offers the ability to organize on-demand videos into packages and scheduled playlists
– 24/7 support
– Public RESTful APIs for an easy and quick integration into a wide variety of cloud video applications, services and digital media workflows.

DaCast cloud video APIs allows you to custom not only their player, but also provides access to their video hosting services to fit your own business needs. What’s more, the API allows users to easily access a detailed suite of analytics regarding your broadcast. By giving users the data in raw form, DaCast gives users the ability to code custom displays, pick out the most relevant metrics, and gather the most important information for your operations.

DaCast Case Study: World Players of Handball (WPH)

Overview: Using DaCast, World Players of Handball (WPH Live) broadcasts Pay Per View live feeds and on demand videos worldwide. They generate revenue from an integrated paywall contained inside the video player. This allows WPH Live to generate sales directly from their own website.

WPH was established in 2004 to introduce handball to increase the sport’s following and be recognized nationally. WPH is using innovative marketing approaches like video streaming to gain exposure and attract a mass audience. They are now broadcasting multiple live handball matches all over the world.

Client goals:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Create additional revenue sources

The Problem: World Players of Handball’s main objective is to promote the sport to a wider audience whilst allowing them to have another source of revenue. However, it was hard for WPH to find a streaming provider that offers the ability to monetize contents at an affordable price.


  • Worldwide Content Delivery Network
  • Built-in player Paywall
  • Affordable platform access


  • Global reach
  • Increased revenues
  • Growing audience

By utilizing DaCast’s platform, WPH monetized their broadcasts all around the world. This result spoke to both their goals: One being increased reach, the other additional revenue channels. WPH now serves live events to over 10 different countries, all made possible through their use of the DaCast SaaS (Streaming as a Service) model.


Want to see what else they can do? Check out all of DaCast’s case studies here!

How to use DaCast with AmpLive

DaCast specializes in B2B livestreams, their strength is business focused audiences. Of their 90,000 video producers, most are TV or radio stations, event production companies, schools and universities and houses of worship. By combining the targeting power of AmpLive and the business focused audience of DaCast, you can drive maximum ROI with your livestreams. Then, once your event has finished, AmpLive can then retarget the audience that watched your content on DaCast and retarget the most engaged audience. The two tools have an unmatched potential in driving ROI from your events.

Any questions? Send them right here, we’ll get back to you in no time!