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Stream directly to AmpLive video player at zero cost. Get started with access to an embeddable player, video storage and playback, and player analytics.

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One click syndication

Take the live stream to audiences on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and others. No need for multiple players or encoders.

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Distribution built right in with AmpLive Boost

Expand the reach of your live event beyond your website or social network with turnkey distribution to targeted audiences. Scale from 0 to millions of viewers with the click of a button.


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Embed the AmpLive player and utilize the AmpLive Platform

Syndication to Social Networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube

AmpLive Boost: Distribute your live content to reach your target audience

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AmpLive’s platform is designed to simplify video strategy for enterprise marketers. Instead of cobbling together multiple platforms to stream, syndicate, and distribute video, AmpLive enables you to do it all under one roof.

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