7 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Video To Grow Their Audience

The digital marketplace offers huge opportunities for marketers, including those in B2B industries. Although more traditional methods may be more commonplace for B2B, market patterns are beginning to change with 2018 set to be a record year for digital advertising.


The digital marketplace offers huge opportunities for marketers, including those in B2B industries. Although more traditional methods may be more commonplace for B2B, market patterns are beginning to change with 2018 set to be a record year for digital advertising.


However, not everyone has caught up with the emerging trends, and many businesses aren’t capitalizing on the power of video to connect with their audience. It might help to hear that around 83% of mobile phone data was taken up by streaming video, a huge area of potential which any business would be wrong to ignore.


Not everyone is familiar with how to use video to reach a wider audience, or how to secure new followers using this medium. We’ve therefore compiled seven top tips to help you capitalize on the current trend.

Create a buzz

When you’ve got news to release or a new product to launch, it’s time to think beyond the written word. However creative you are, it can sometimes be hard to get your point over when you’re confined to copy. Capturing the attention of your audience is the first hurdle and conveying facts in an interesting way is the next. Even the best-written press release might see your audience drifting away.


In direct contrast, video is much punchier and has the ability to create buzz and excitement around what you’ve got to say. Your business customers will want the information delivered in a fast, economical and efficient way which video achieves without diluting the message.


Your brand’s personality will come across much more clearly on video, and that will translate into enthusiasm for your product, services or news.  

Get everyone involved

When you’re a B2B marketer, all too frequently it’s just a select few executives that appear in your marketing materials. As an alternative to this traditional approach, try a far more inclusive approach to make your company seem more engaging.


Videos are a great way to achieve this as it’s simple to get other members of staff involved in a way that’s instantly visible. This also helps to build up your brand image and will make you seem more relatable. Other businesses want to know who they’re doing business with; not just the people at the top.


By getting everyone involved, you’ll be far more appealing to potential clients and will seem more “real”, taking your marketing above and beyond.

Make it accessible

If your marketing team are more familiar with thinking about large campaigns, switching to video might require a bit of a radical reshape. Rather than planning long adverts and wordy presentations, it’s all about being short and snappy.


That’s the approach you’ll need to adopt to make B2B videos work well. This is especially pertinent given that it’s now more common to view content on a cell phone rather than a laptop. Long ads and video aren’t as accessible; in contrast, short clips can be easily absorbed and watched even if your audience doesn’t have a lot of time spare.


Using video snacks as a strategy isn’t just easier for your business, it also means you’re far more likely to be watched by your target market — a real win/win.

Don’t be afraid to be playful


B2B marketing has undergone a revolution in recent times, and it’s out with the more serious approach and in with having more fun. In fact, some would say that B2B is almost indistinguishable from B2C at times.


Use key dates throughout the year to release short snippets of video which don’t necessarily hype up a new product, or give a company update. Sometimes, simply using video as a tool through which to communicate and keep your audience engaged will suffice.

Solve a problem

Rather than creating video content which is focused on your own services or products, instead let the attention move to a particular problem or issue that you can solve. This can be hard to achieve well in writing but video is the perfect medium for this.


Whether it’s difficulties with safety glasses that won’t stay in position or running out of storage on their server, allow your video to really emphasize the frustration of the current position. This puts you in a prime position to show how your products or services can solve the dilemma, transmitting a strong sales message without seeming too pushy or cold.

Make your brand come alive

A good business concept isn’t enough to inspire loyalty or to create curiosity in your company. Consequently, if you’re trying to reach out to the business community, you’ll need to do a little bit more to make your customers connect with your brand.


It’s all about building a strong relationship with your customers. In the world of ecommerce, stores that are established carry far more value on the open marketplace. Why? It’s simple: brand engagement. And it’s as true for B2B as it is for B2C — your consumer relationships count.


And while having an active social media presence and a strong email campaign is a good first step towards making you appear relatable, video content takes it that one step further.


By using digital marketing techniques such as video to capture the real essence of your brand lets your audience see who you really are — a powerful tool. Business customers will respond to a provider who they feel is accessible and direct, and with video you have the ability to create that link.

Not every video has to sell

The end goal of marketing is to drive more sales, but it’s a step-by-step process that’s a marathon, not a sprint. As such, not every video is about gaining sales. This is important to remember as it can influence the feel of the content, taking it away from a sales-based message to something far softer.


Carefully craft a relationship with your audience, persuading the business that they need you to achieve their goals. Show them why you’re special and encourage them to emotionally connect with your ethos and your aims.


The digital generation are here and that means it’s time to revamp your B2B marketing and think like a millennial. There’s an undeniable truth in the fact that to succeed you’ll need to break with convention and immerse yourself in new technological solutions.


Video streaming has never been more popular, and it’s only likely to increase in popularity in 2019. Break the mold and discover a new way of marketing your business today.


Patrick Foster is an experienced marketer and entrepreneur with a number of strings to his bow. Today he shares his expertise on Ecommerce Tips for anyone in the industry to learn from. Check out the latest growth hacks and tips on Twitter @myecommercetips.