5 Best Practices for Increasing Your Audience

Building an audience for your live content is a huge goal for many content creators and broadcasters, but what is that audience worth if it isn’t engaged?

1. Be in the now.

Live broadcasting brings a fear of missing out to programming. In sports, it’s missing that amazing play unfold before your eyes. In entertainment, it’s seeing your favorite song performed. Being among the first to view content is a major audience driver. So if you are doing live, be in the now.

2. Make content discovery as painless as possible.

Don’t bury your embedded video in 3 or 4 links deep on your site. Create landing pages where the content is immediately displayed. Convenience can be a key to retaining your viewers.

3. Have a distribution plan.

While content is king, distribution is queen. She is the most powerful piece on the board. Building audience is about putting your content in front of relevant eyes. Forge partnerships with other blogs and broadcasters to carry each other’s programming. Create a budget so that you can market and distribute on a larger scale. Then post on your social media accounts, tap into as many different outlets as possible.

4. Program regularly.

Having a consistent programming schedule is key, it will drive larger audiences and increase social interaction. Live will always be more engaging if you have a rhythm going with your audience.

5. Learn your audience.

With the ease of today’s content creation, audiences are more diverse than ever. Take the time to survey your audience, ask for feedback and engage with your viewers on a regular basis. The more interactive your broadcast is, the deeper the connection with your audience will be.

Take your marketing to the next level by asking yourself these 5 questions.