4 Promises Waiting for You at SummitLive

A Message From Our Friends At SummitLive

We know as a business professional, you’re always trying to optimize your marketing strategies and your ROI. Time is money, so we compiled some basic facts about SummitLive so you don’t have to search. Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about the conference but you’re not quite sure what it’s about? Have no fear! We’re pro summarizers.

We can guarantee you 4 things at SummitLive SF:

1. The Only Live Streaming Conference Curated for Marketers

While there are a few conferences that feature live streaming, SummitLive is the only conference dedicated to top business professionals who are using, or thinking about starting to use live streaming in their marketing stack. We decided to draw the line for the industry: no more tech jargon.

SummitLive’s speakers represent cutting-edge brands like Microsoft and Salesforce that take live streaming to the next level. They’ll discuss all the major industry trends, hacks, and how they are driving ROI using live content.

2. Breakthrough Technologies (With case studies to back them up)

We are only showcasing technologies with legitimate portfolios and use cases to back them. The ultimate goal will be education so speakers will cover how the technologies and solutions featured revolutionize and streamline live video stack.

For instance, Switchboard Live is a major syndication platform that was made for conversions rather than just views for brands and major companies alike. Instead of having them pitch to you, they’re bringing on enterprise clients to talk about marketing strategies and implementation. Don’t just demo technologies, discover some serious results.

3. Network Ahead of the Game

SummitLive is committed to being a collaborative event. All the sponsors, speakers, and event staff are comprised by the top thought-leaders in live. Summit was made by and for the hungry, the overachievers, and the marketers who are always looking to evolve. There will be lots of time for networking and sharing ideas with people who are equally excited about the opportunities for marketers in live. The goal is to give attendees a chance to keep their live strategy ahead of the pack, learn all the secret industry trends, and stay up to date on all things live for business.

4. Perfect Timing to Save

You’re right in time to save over $300 on Super Early Bird tickets. Ticket prices are about to rise soon, so we highly recommend getting your tickets now to maximize your ROI.

One Final Note From AmpLive…

AmpLive is dedicated to fostering conversation and growing the live space as a community, so we’re throwing in an Extra 15% off this final week for our blog readers, so you can get that much-needed work break, while revolutionizing how you do business.