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Drive engagement and target the audiences who take action from your content.

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Create TV-sized audiences for your live content

Find your best audiences on websites where they already spend time and attention. Prominently place your live stream across a distribution network of 3,000 premium publishers. Guarantee as many live viewers as you need.

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How It Works

Turn-key promotion of your live event with a click of a button. Distribute to a targeted audience and retarget engagers.


Define your target audience, and our algorithms will optimize distribution in real time.

Targeting capabilities include:

  • 1. Account-Based DistributionTarget employees at specific companies
  • 2. Audience SegmentationMake sure the right audience sees your live stream. You can segment and target viewers based on categories like job title, interest and behavior. You can also target your owned audience through our Universal pixel.
  • 3. Audience TrackingTrack audience interaction and engagement, compare engagement rates across different types of audiences, and optimize in real time.
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Distribute to a massive target audience.

We distribute your live event across high-traffic publishers at scale to reach a targeted audience. Partner publications include the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, TechCrunch, and thousands more.

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Retarget engaged viewers and convert.

After your event, Enterprise customers can retarget engaged viewers of your live stream. Close the deal or target them next time.

Viewers can be segmented based on engagement and characteristic (like company, job title, or interest).

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AmpLive offers self-service plans inclusive of viewers starting at just $149/month. You can add add more viewers as needed. For organizations looking for retargeting capabilities and managed service, enterprise plans are available.



Continue the conversation based on your audience’s attention.

AmpLive delivers live content to targeted viewers throughout our Audience Network. We capture data that helps frame your follow-up messaging to engaged viewers. Turn live viewers into customers with Attention Retargeting, and drive prospects further down your marketing funnel to increase conversion rates.

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Create instant connections with your content in real-time.

Reach the right people on the right device when it matters most, and turn your viewers into an actionable audience.

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AmpLive’s platform is completely self-service and easy to use. Enterprise? Add managed services and our dedicated account team will take it over. We can scale your broadcast, no matter how small or large.

Packages start at just $149/month

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